Trends: 2020 | Craftwork

A short promo featuring textile artist, Sofia Salazar as the face of the evolving creative trend for the experts, artists and makers of today, to openly share their creative processes - Craftwork.

Developed as part of Whalar's definitive guide to the stories, styles and talents redefining a generation of creatives - Trends: 2020. Rooted in data, crafted by culture, this project set out to mark Instagram's 10th anniversary by launching 6 new digital trends, each embodied and represented by todays leading creators.

Featured Artist | Sofia Salazar

Director, Writer, Producer, and Editor | Emily Freda Sharp
Writer and Producer | Chelsea Carter
Music and Design | Greg Haynes
Animation and Graphics | Mark Osmond
Writer and Production Manager | Will Rix
Executive Producers | Mike Hondorp and Jo Burford
Pre-Production Manager | Tara Sood
Director of Photography | Miguel Carmenes
Set Designer | Lily Bloom
Stylist | Conor Bond
Make Up Artist | Grace Macartney
1st Assistant Director | Tom Ivens
Gaffer | Vianney Huggins
1st AC | Oliver Munks
2nd AC | Felix Wildey
1st Spark | Paul Choy
2nd Spark | Jeff Celis
Stills Photographer | Kourtney Lohn
Runner | Louey Horler