Emily Freda Sharp




Born and based in London, Emily Freda Sharp is a Director who strives to create playful work that doesn’t compromise on meaning. Thanks to a formative training in dance she brings to screen a kinetic musicality, whilst her portfolio speaks for itself as to the importance it places on inclusive representation both in front and behind the camera. 

With a sentimentality for the creativity of childhood, she often jokes that if she’s not making a Spice Girls reference then she’s not doing her job properly! Whether it’s a client brief or creative stimulus, she works to imbue her films with a magical energy that leaps off the screen and begs you to jump in.

Emily's background in advertising has seen her work on a variety of projects, including the United Nations' Cannes Lion and D&AD award winning campaign, The People's Seat, as well as films for clients such as Net-a-Porter, Facebook, and Universal Music.


Commercial Rep - KODE // jack@kodemedia.com

Freelance Enquiries - hello@emilyfredasharp.com // @emilyfredasharp


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