Emily Freda Sharp




Emily Freda Sharp is a Director who strives to create playful work that doesn’t compromise on meaning. Thanks to a formative training in dance she brings to screen a kinetic musicality, most notable in her choreographic camera work and synchronised editing style.

Born and based in London, her portfolio speaks for itself as to the importance it places on inclusive representation, both in front and behind the camera. 

Emily's background in advertising has seen her work on a variety of projects, including the United Nations' Cannes Lion and D&AD award winning campaign, The People's Seat, as well as films for clients such as Net-a-Porter, Facebook, and Universal Music.

With a sentimentality for the creativity of childhood, she often jokes that if she’s not making a Spice Girls reference then she’s not doing her job! Whether it’s a client brief or creative stimulus, she strives to create playful work that doesn’t compromise on meaning, working to imbue her films with a magical energy that leaps off the screen and begs you to jump in.


Commercial Rep - KODE // jack@kodemedia.com

Freelance Enquiries - hello@emilyfredasharp.com // @emilyfredasharp


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