Emily Freda Sharp


Burn | Your Party, Your Rules


Burn | Your Party, Your Rules

To celebrate the return of their annual fixture at Electric Castle, Burn brought together brand ambassadors from across Europe to spotlight their shared love of music and fashion.

"Taking inspiration from classic 90's movie trailers such as 'Dazed and Confused' (1993) and 'Velvet Goldmine' (1998), I wanted us capture an iconic snapshot of the ambassadors festival experience. Working closely with DoP, Aman K Sahota, we explored ways to build agile rigs that allowed us to shoot snoricam-like shots, placing the can centre frame as we explored the party from Burn's perspective."

There may be millions TikToks taken by punters, but there was only one epic movie trailer, powered by Burn.



Client | Burn - Monster Energy
Brand Manager |
Oliver LeSeelleur
EMEA Senior Comms Manager | Jayde Kirby
EMEA Comms Manager |
Lea Bourgeteau
Marketing Lead |
 Dragos Ghita
Marketing Manager |
 Rhianna Sparsi

Talent |
 Mara Ognean, Cuza de la Noaptea Târziu,
Anne Marchidanu and Dziarma

Director | Emily Freda Sharp
Production Company |
Executive Producer | Danielle Wright
Producers | Jamie Brewer and Sam Katz
Production Manager | Anita Okpongete
DOP | Aman K Sahota
1st AC | Steph Kennedy
2nd AC | TBC
Romania Unit Producer | Irene
Stylist | Cassie Walker
Art Director |
Georgia Currell
Stills Photographer | Finn James
Post-Producer |
Ed Chambers
Editor | Akhil Kanukuntla
Editor | Nathan Greenwood
Sound Production |
Form Audio
Sound Designer |
Patrick Lee
Music Mix |
Tommy Evans