Emily Freda Sharp


Pioneer | Pump Up The Volume


Pioneer | Pump Up The Volume

In collaboration with Pioneer, Burn set out to solidify itself as the essential party starter with a focus on social relevance amongst Gen Z.

"Taking inspiration from the junglist party scene of the late 90's, I wanted to capture the unabashed silliness of films/shows like Human Traffic, Kevin and Perry, and Spaced."

Distributed primarily on TikTok, 'Pump Up The Volume' captured the raw, unfiltered energy that the campaign sought to bring to life.



Director | Emily Freda Sharp
Production Company |
Executive Producers |
Matt Fleming and Colin Loudon
Client |
 Rhianna Sparsi - Monster Energy
Producer | Jamie Brewer and Sam Katz
Post Producer | Emily O'Meara
Production Manager | Anita Okpongete
Editor | Akhil Kanukuntla
1st AD | 
Tom Fraser-Ivens
DOP | Aman K Sahota
1st AC | Steph Kennedy
2nd AC |
Claire Seymour
Art Director |
Georgia Currell
Art Assistant | Casta Cullen
Gaffer | James Knight
Spark |
Jeff Celis
Stylist | Cassie Walker
Wardrobe Assistant | Elena Garcia
Photographer | James North
Photographer Assistant |
Laurence Howe
Ed Chambers
Runner | Oscar Ginn
Covid Supervisor | Nick Middleton
Camera Hire | Panavision
Lighting Hire | Panalux
Catering | 
Sands Catering
Talent Agency | Sarah Lyons - Mass Talent
Featured Talent | Alfie Chapman, Benji Colson, and Charlie Downs
Background Talent |
Jordan Goodenough, Luke Wood, Nicole Hastings, and Raihannah Sanderson-Mcqueen