Emily Freda Sharp


Method | Zhuzh


Method | Zhuzh

In collaboration with model and influencer Felicity Hayward, Method UK's inaugural end of lockdown campaign set out to deliver a much needed lift to the nation's homes.

"Working with a brand that's not afraid to be playful gave us the scope to turn what otherwise could have been a straightforward docu-style film, into a colourful and surreal thumb-stopping piece of social-first content."

Created to promote the launch of the 'Method Zhuzh', the film captured the bold spirit of the brand and talent alike. 



Writer and Director | Emily Freda Sharp
Agency |
Company | FMLY CRTV
Featured Artists | Felicity Hayward and Georgina Billings
Executive Producers |
Dave Kennedy and Jonathan Harris
Producer |
Marisa Lee
Andi Hampton
Editor |
Corey Thomas
VFX Artist |
Tom Stone
Art Director | Paula Benvegu
AC |
Joe Hoffman
Gaffer |
Nathan Ford
Sound Recordist |
Marco Baldassarre
Stills Photographer |
Mike Palmer