Emily Freda Sharp


NOTHS | A Year In Gifts


NOTHS | A Year In Gifts

As part of an ongoing ambassadorship between Not On The High Street and digital creator, Onyi Moss, this experimental film was commissioned to highlight the brand as the home of thoughtful gifting throughout the year. As writer and director, Emily undertook the development of a one-shot sequence that takes you through the changing seasons and gifting moments, to produce annual relevance for the brand.

"With 9 cast, 18 costumes and 5 set changes, I'm proud to say we pulled off the seemingly impossible in our 2 minute shot. By teaching everyone from the AC to the Art Director how to follow the count of 8, the sequence came together as a highly choreographed and precise dance."

After launching the campaign in 2019, the Behind The Scenes edit has since garnered over organic 50,000 views.



Writer and Director | Emily Freda Sharp
Executive Producer |
Cecily Baer
Producers | Jess Van Wyk and Chelsea Carter
Featured Artists | Onyi Moss and Craig Moss
Supporting Artists |
Ashling O’Shea, Max Percy, and Neel Sood
DOP | Miguel Carmenes
Production Designer |
Martina Giuseppone
Art Director |
Afra Zamara
Editor | Emily Freda Sharp
Colourist |
Miguel Carmenes
Production Manager | Tara Sood
Animator | Mark Osmond
Talent Manager | Gabs Franchina
Casting Assistant | Ruth Bourne
Steadicam Operator | Mike Vega
Gaffer | Vianney Huggins
1st AC | Nacho Muñoz de León
1st Spark | Christine Alexander
2nd Spark | Jeff Celis
MUA | Sarah Busby
Construction Assistant | Matt Saunders
Runner | Will Rix
Camera Trainee | Kendal Petersen
Production Accountant | SarahMae Jones
Music | Zoo, Music Vine Ltd