Emily Freda Sharp


Relentless | Without Limits


Relentless | Without Limits

Launching their first ever sugar-free offering, Relentless set out to create a campaign that captured the spirit of London. 

"As a life long Londoner, I knew I had a wealth of lived experiences to draw from, but it was the 1998 reggae musical, Babymother, that really captured my imagination. The way the city and the women have this boundless energy is exactly what I wanted us to distill into our film."

From corner shops to the back of the bus, our campaign put Relentless firmly at the centre of London's music, fashion and cultural scene, launching Relentless Zero Sugar - Without Sugar, Without Limits.



Client | Relentless - Monster Energy
Brand Manager |
Oli Le Seelleur
EMEA Comms Manager | Lea Bourgeteau
Creative |
 Trudy Barry

Casting Agency |
 Mass Talent
Casting Director | 
Sarah Lyons
Talent |
Nikkita Chadha and Ella Redhead

Director | Emily Freda Sharp
Production Company |
Executive Producer | Danielle Wright
Producer | Sam Katz
Production Manager | Anita Okpongete
DOP | Anna Gudbrands
1st AC | Nacho Munoz De Leon
Camera Trainee | Nicolas Di Matteo
Gaffer | Ana Krkjulis
Spark | Amir Moulfi
Stylist | Cassie Walker
Stylist Assistant | 
Elena Garcia
MUA | 
Grace Macartney
Ed Chambers
Runner | Vanya Chulkov
Offline Editor | Emily Freda Sharp
Online Editor |
Akhil Kanukuntla
Production Driver | 
Djamel Dokkari
Camera and Lighting Hire | Pixi Pixel