Emily Freda Sharp


Square | Everything, Almost


Square | Everything, Almost

To build on the success of Square's 'Everything Almost' messaging, the Creatives at 72andSunny designed a social-first series inspired by the
observational “POV” trend that's seen a recent rise in popularity.

"It was clear when developing my approach with DoP, Aman K Sahota, that it was crucial our cinematography reinforced the first person perspective in each scenario. Not only was this the glue that held each story together, but by taking this route we opened ourselves up to utilising the kinds of agile angles and perspectives that really grab people’s attention on socials."

An array of relatable scenarios played out across 9 individual assets, building a comedic and supportive presence for the brand amongst UK business owners - so whilst Square can’t help you wax the world's hairiest man, they can take care of the rest.



Client | Square
Neil McLean and Katie Crawford

Agency | 72andSunny
Art Director | 
Andrew McAlpine
Senior Producer | Rachel Bishop
Junior Producer | 
Marie Henaff
Creative Director |
Kyla Elliott
Senior Brand Manager | 
Belinda Harford
Brand Director | Chelsea Lamond

Director | Emily Freda Sharp
Production Company |
Executive Producer |
Jack Goodwin and Danielle Wright
Producer | Louisa Plumstead
Production Manager | Rosa Galvin
1st AD | Ellicia Lotherington
2nd AD | 
Rowan Hutching
Runners | Manpreet Sgehlan and Molly Hunter
DOP | Aman K Sahota
1st AC | Steph Kennedy
2nd AC | 
Apolo Wilson
Grip | Carlo Vera
Gaffer |
 Ana Krkljus
Sparks | 
Amir Moulfi and Nela Resler
DIT | Nelson Oliver
Playback |
Alex James-Saleh
Editor | Akhil Kanukuntla
Production Designer |
Georgia Currell
Art Assistant |
Chenai Nduru
Prop Buyer | 
Emily Tyrer
Set Dresser | Martha Howe
Stylist | Cassie Walker
Wardrobe Assistant | 
Elena Garcia
Vet | 
Nina Jacobs
Animal Handlers |
 Kathy Cotts and Laura Ingall
Security | Dillon Robinson
Camera Hire | Panavision
Lighting Hire | Green Kit
Catering |
 Salsa Rose