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Uh Oh


Uh Oh

A few years ago a personal experience led me to realise that Virtual Reality was being developed for able-bodied users with little to no regard for people with disabilities. As someone with a limb difference, I found that tasks I'm able to perform in the 'real world' were impossible in the virtual one, an experience shared across the disabled community.

This unsettling discovery then opened a can of worms regarding emerging tech and the way it holds a mirror up to society - which let's face it, isn't always pretty! From skeuomorphic sexism and subreddit culture wars, to AI's inherent bias'; When it comes to cutting edge tech, ethics seem to have fallen to the bottom of the to-do list. After several attempts to do something about this I finally realised that as an experienced commercial Director, if there's one thing I know how to do - it's sell. So how do you sell a hard truth?

Well these days it seems like most of life comes with a dystopia warning and at times I tend to think that if I don't laugh, I'll cry. So if you ask me, I think it's high time we all took a long, hard look in the mirror and laughed. Shall we?

Go on, I dare you... burst your bubble.

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Written and Directed by Emily Freda Sharp

Produced by | Rochelle Thomas, Anita Okpongete, & Rosie Rose Valentine Sharp

Executive Producers | Emily Freda Sharp, Harrison Parker, & Jack Goodwin

Starring | Horatio Gould, Jahmila Heath, Luke Rollason, Meg Rose-Dixon, & Ashley Young

Director of Photography | Aman K Sahota

Production Designer| Martha Howe

Costume Designer | Cassie Walker Graham

Post Producers | Ed Chambers & Katie Buxton

Edited by | Akhil Kanukuntla

Sound Designer | Harry Butcher, Wave Studios

VFX Artists | Sarah Ann-Banks & Ikki Dhesi

Music Supervisor | Marlon Roudette

Composer | Kent Azares

Colourist | Caroline Morin

Stills Photographer | Leonie Maya Isaac

Graphic Designer | Amy Fullalove

Illustrator | Sara Andreasson

Prop Maker | Alice Horton

Hair & Makeup Artist | Angharad Jones Buxton

1st Assistant Director | Sean McAlinden

2nd Assistant Director | Isha Thorat

1st AC | Alex Finlayson

2nd AC | Alessio Morreale

Steadicam | James Thomas

Sound Recordist | Alex Milson

Gaffer | Jeff Celis

Sparks | Louise Tse & Paulo Dalla Costa

2nd AC Trainee | Sujeath Navaratnam

Art Assistants | Asmae el Ouariachi, Thea Battin & Hannah Korting

Runner | Elisa Pantera

‘I Hate it Here’
Performed by ‘So Good’
Written by Sophie Bokor-Ingram, Johnny ‘itch’ Fox, Tom Loffman
Courtesy of Meatball Records

@tedtalks Joy Buolamwin

Made with support from
Panavision, Panalux, Wave Studios, and KODE