Emily Freda Sharp


Soho House | Trends: 2020


Soho House | Trends: 2020

Developed as part of Instagram's definitive guide to the stories, styles and talents redefining a generation of creatives, 'Trends: 2020' was rooted in data and crafted by culture. As a full circle campaign, it set out to mark the platform's 10th anniversary by launching 6 new digital trends, each embodied and represented by today's leading digital creators. 

"Writing and directing this project presented the challenge of both defining and characterising the creative trends of the decade to come. Taking inspiration from one of my favourite genres, I decided to introduce them as the main characters of 2020 through a mock title sequence, drawing from the likes of Charlie's Angel's 2000, Austin Powers, and Spice World The Movie." 

In collaboration with the marketing expertise of leading social-first agency, Whalar, and distributed by Soho House, 'Trends: 2020' delivered decade defining culture and creativity to the industry and beyond.



Writer and Director |
Emily Freda Sharp
Executive Producers | Mike Hondorp and Jo Burford
Writer and Producer
| Chelsea Carter
Music and Design |
Greg Haynes
Writer and Production Manager |
Will Rix
Miguel Carmenes
Art Director |
Lily Bloom
Editor | Emily Freda Sharp
Stylist |
Conor Bond
Grace Macartney
1st AD |
Tom Ivens
Gaffer |
Vianney Huggins
1st AC |
Oliver Munks
2nd AC |
Felix Wildey
1st Spark |
Paul Choy
2nd Spark |
Jeff Celis
Stills Photographer |
Kourtney Lohn
Animation and Graphics | Mark Osmond
Pre-Production Manager | Tara Sood
Runner |
Louey Horler

Featured Artists |
Y2K 2.0 | Marques Emmanuel
Level Playing Field | Stefani Nurding
Fantasy Face | 
Frances O'Sullivan
Craftwork | Sofia Salazar
Digital Romanticism | Benji Colson
Advocacy | 
Wednesday Holmes